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A Special Film for Veterans & Their Families

Veterans and their families often tell us that the most difficult part of coming home is beginning the conversation about wartime experiences.  Not talking about those dark times in the hope they will fade rarely works.

As time passes suppressed feelings can bubble forth and cause conflict and misunderstandings for the veteran and his family.  Until wartime experiences are shared, and the changes they cause understood, the veteran may never feel at home and accepted.

When this website was created it had a single two-purpose goal:  Allow veterans to understand the underlying reasons for PTSD; and, to facilitate the opening of an honest discussion about how it has impacted their lives.

In seven years, more than half a million veterans and family members have turned to this website for basic information.  Now, to make that process even easier, we are please to recommend and endorse a short 51 minute film -- All The Way Home

It is the policy of the PTSD Help Network not to endorse commercial products related to PTSD or its treatment.  We don't sell mugs, T-Shirts, Mouse pads, or the like.  Yet, we feel All The Way Home, available for download for a modest $4.99, is a product worthy of our recommendation.

For veterans and their families -- this is the film they need to watch together.  It will help start the dialogue needed to heal the unseen wounds of war.

The film may be purchased through the following link:

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