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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is not new and it is not uncommon.   It has undoubtedly been a by-product of war since the first cavemen ventured out to do battle with their neighbors.  PTSD has a primitive physical component.  It is not indicative of any type of weakness or personal flaw.  Never forget, you are a combat veteran.  You have done what others are either unwilling or unable to do and you have earned the right to all the benefits and services the nation you served makes available to you.


Treatment is available for those who suffer from the ravages of PTSD. For a particular patient those treatments may range from medications to counseling or intense inpatient hospital treatment, or a combination of these.  Take advantage of your treatment opportunities.  Doing so can help you live a more useful and productive post-combat life.  You’ve earned the right to such treatment and to a long and fulfilling life after your military service.


In addition to treatment, if your service-related PTSD is disabling, you may be eligible for VA monthly compensation.  Those who suffer from PTSD often have employment issues that make it hard for them to make a living or to hold a job.  Do not shy away from using this opportunity.  It is not a handout.  In fact, if you give it some thought, you will realize it is perhaps one of the most earned benefits that can be provided to a combat veteran.


VA compensation can relieve the economic stress you and your family may be experiencing.  It can give you the respite from daily pressures that will allow you to begin to heal.  Getting help for PTSD isn’t for sissies.  It takes a willingness to get help and it takes hard work to manage your symptoms.  But then, going to war wasn’t easy.

"We know what we are, but not what we may be."

  Shakespeare, Hamlet, Act. IV.  Sc. 5

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